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Please note that our Consumer Service Department is no longer located in New York, shipping to that address will delay warranty service. The new address for warranty service is:

Taylor Precision Products
2220 Entrada Del Sol Suite A
Las Cruces, NM 88001

Additionally note that before shipping a defective item in, it may only be necessary to send a picture and description of the issue to our Consumer Service Division. Please read the below before proceeding.
Frequently Asked Questions:

I just purchased something on Metrokane.com, why am I being billed by Taylor Precision Products?
Metrokane is a subsidiary of Taylor Precision Products so your credit card statement will be charged by “TAYLOR PRECISION PRODUCTS / OAK BROOK / IL 800-289-0944.”
What services do you provide?
Metrokane Consumer Service is set up primarily to service broken products under warranty for individual consumers. For businesses that distribute Metrokane products, please contact your sales representative for return information.
The majority of Rabbit and Houdini Corkscrews returned to Metrokane are in good working order. While we stand behind our Product Warranty, we would encourage saving your time and postage by doing the following
  • Utilize our troubleshooting guide to better understand how to use your corkscrew. Click here for detailed instructions and troubleshooting.
  • Replace worn or damaged spirals. Using a worn spiral will add more stress than the lever corkscrew is meant to bear and may ultimately cause your product to break. If you think you may need a new spiral, try replacing it before returning the complete product. To purchase a replacement spiralclick here.
  • Keep your corkscrew clean and its gears well oiled. Like any mechanical product, the corkscrew will work best when not exposed to extreme temperatures, and when cleaned and serviced regularly. A damp cloth will serve to remove any liquid residue that when dry may cause the corkscrew to stick, and a lubricant like WD-40 will keep the gears moving with ease.
  • Contact Consumer Service via email or telephone after trying the above and before mailing in a defective item. We may be able to assist you without your spending money on postage if you will provide a picture of the defective item and a description of the issue. A Consumer Service Specialist will then get back to you with specific instructions.
  • My Automatic Electric Rabbit Corkscrew won't turn on; how do I get it to turn on again?
    Please try following the steps below in order to get it working again.
    1. Unplug your unit for 5 minutes.
    2. Plus your unit back in and charge for 5 hours.
    3. Unplug your unit and it should work normally again.
    These units should not be kept plugged in constantly. Please only charge for 5 hours and then unplug until charging is needed once again. If you still need assistance, send us an email by clicking "Contact Us" at the bottom of the page in the black bar and one of our friendly Consumer Relations Representatives will gladly assist you.”
    Can you help me with the operation of my Rabbit (or Houdini) Corkscrew?
  • Click here for detailed instructions and troubleshooting.
  • Before calling or e-mailing please continue to read the information below, which we have found will often solve consumer problems. If you still need assistance, click “Contact US” at the bottom of the page in the black bar. We make every effort to answer all e-mails within 24 hours and return all phone calls within 48 hours.
  • How do I know if my product is a Metrokane Rabbit (or Houdini) Corkscrew?
    We frequently receive broken and defective knock-off Rabbits manufactured by our competitors. As the makers of the Original Rabbit corkscrew all Metrokane Original Rabbits will bear the Metrokane name and logo on the top of the lever handle. If your Rabbit does not say Metrokane on it, it is most likely a knock-off even if it came in a Metrokane case. Houdinis do not necessarily bear the Metrokane logo but have a very distinctive body shape- all of our products may be viewed on our website and it is advisable to compare your product to the examples here before sending it in. If you are still not sure whether your product is manufactured by Metrokane, please email a picture to the Consumer Service Department.
    How will I know when I need a new spiral for my Rabbit (or Houdini) Corkscrew, and how can I get a new one?
    The Metrokane spiral is made of high tensile strength steel with a dense non-stick coating and mini- bearings in the head. It is designed to perform 800-1,000 cork removals, but extreme wear or misuse can shorten its working life. If you can see visible flaking on the spiral and/or a silver glint showing through the black nonstick coating it is most likely time to replace it.
    The most common abuse of the spiral results when the cork is pulled without first removing the foil cap. This scrapes the coating on the spiral and shortens its life. Always remove the foil cap before pulling a cork.
    Wax seals on wine bottles will also damage the spiral if not disposed of before opening the wine. If you get wax on your corkscrew’s spiral you can remove wax from the spiral by placing it in boiling water for a few minutes, but be sure to thoroughly wipe down your corkscrew afterward to prevent it from rusting. And in future, be sure to take off wax seals before opening the wine- our Wax Wacker is intended for this precise purpose.
    To keep the spiral in good condition, clean it occasionally with a damp cloth or sponge. Be sure to wipe away pieces of cork that may cling to the spiral.
    To purchase a replacement spiralclick here.
    When and how should I return a Metrokane Corkscrew under warranty?
    If you have been unable to solve the issue by troubleshooting and have communicated with a Consumer Service Specialist who has given instruction to mail in a product, please include proof of purchase. DO NOT send the case or foil cutter as cases are often damaged in transit and foil cutters are not needed-sending only the defective corkscrew will significantly expedite your warranty service.
    We suggest all returns be sent via a method that allows tracking or proof of delivery. We cannot be held responsible for any lost or stolen packages.
    How long is my Corkscrew covered under warranty?
    Velvet Corkscrews, Velvet Pocket Corkscrews, and Faucet Corkscrews are covered by a Lifetime Warranty.
    Rabbit Corkscrews (non-electronic) are covered by a 10-Year Warranty.
    Houdini Corkscrews (non-electronic), Rabbit Barware, and Zippity 2-Steps are covered by a 5-Year Warranty.
    All Electric Rabbit and Houdini Corkscrews are covered for 1 year from purchase.
    When and how should I return a Metrokane V-1 Decanter under warranty?"
    We suggest all returns be sent via a method that allows tracking or proof of delivery. We cannot be held responsible for any lost or stolen packages.
    The Stopper Assembly and Vacuum Pump that come with "V-1" Decanter each carry a 5-year Warranty. If either of these components fail, return to Metrokane for a replacement.
    If your crystal "V-1" Decanter accidentally breaks, send to Metrokane for a new decanter at Metrokane Inc. Att: Consumer Service 2220 Entrada del Sol, Suite A, Las Cruces, NM 88001.
    IMPORTANT: Do not attempt to use the "V-1" Stopper and pump with any decanter except a "V-1" Decanter from Metrokane. Other decanters are not designed to withstand vacuum pressure.
    What should I do when I have a problem with a Metrokane Juicer?
    All Metrokane Juicers carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty on moving parts. The body of the juicer and other non-moving parts are guaranteed against defects in materials or manufacturing for one year from date of purchase. To make a claim under the Warranty, send a letter or an email to our Consumer Service Division. Metrokane will send you a replacement part or tell you where to send your juicer for repairs. DO NOT send the juicer to Metrokane as this office has no facilities for juicer repairs. When making a claim for non-moving parts, please include proof of purchase and sales date.
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