Electric Rabbit Corkscrew

Electric Rabbit Corkscrew

Price: $50.00 



6200 Black
6205 Metallic Red
6206 Silver

Electric Rabbit package Sturdy “tube” package holds Electric Rabbit 110 V charger and foil cutter.
To make an electric corkscrew worthy of the Rabbit name we had to re-invent it. The Electric Rabbit is the only electric corkscrew with an illuminated LCD screen that shows how many cork pulls are left in the charger. Its compact design is up to 3 inches shorter than clumsy over-sized models. It has a recessed spiral that lets you lock it on the bottle for easier operation. If you’ve been waiting for an electric corkscrew to be perfected before buying one, you’ve been waiting for the Electric Rabbit.


Keys Features and Benefits

  • Illuminated LCD screen shows number of cork pulls left in charger
  • Spiral is recessed so corkscrew locks on bottle; cork is pulled straight out
  • Up to 3 inches shorter than clumsy models
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