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“Head Waiter’s” Corkscrew

“Head Waiter’s” Corkscrew

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“Headwaiter’s” Corkscrew
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It’s called “Headwaiter’s Corkscrew” because it’s Metrokane’s “top-of-the-line” design—with more heft and class than your run-of-the-mill waiter’s corkscrew. Its outstanding feature is a unique and clever “pen-knife” design. (The corkscrew, lever and spiral fold into the body like a pen knife.) With a brilliant polished chrome finish, it’s something you’ll be proud to travel with. Lifetime Warranty.

Keys Features and Benefits

  • Unique “pen-knife” design
  • Brilliant polished chrome finish
  • Pulls all cork types
  • Easy to carry, ideal for travel
  • Lifetime Warranty

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