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Rabbit Wine Preserver V-Gauge Technology

Rabbit Wine Preserver

With V-Gauge Technology

Price: $15.00 


SKU 6510

The Wine Preserver that shows you the vacuum Stopper with V-Gauge & Stainless Steel Pump. “Did I pump enough vacuum?”, “Did the vacuum hold?”. With V-Gauge, you’ll never have to ask those questions again!

With the V-Gauge Wine Preserver, you simply pump until the needle reached the “red zone” on the gauge. Once you've reached the red zone, you know that you have achieved the necessary vacuum. Later, the needle in the red zone tells you that your wine has been preserved. A patented Metrokane innovation, the V—Gauge is packed with a stainless steel vacuum pump.

Rabbit Open, Serve, and Preserve Video

Featuring the Rabbit Wine Preserver V-Gauge Technology


To preserve wine left in the bottle:

  1. Insert Stopper
  2. Attach vacuum pump to top of stopper
  3. With swift pulls, remove air from bottle until needle of V-Gauge reaches the red zone
  4. To release vacuum, pull button on stopper

Key Features and Benefits

  • First wine preserver that shows you the vacuum
  • Stainless steel
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