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Houdini Decanter With Wine Shower

Houdini Decanter

With Wine Shower

Price: $40.00 

SKU 2500

Here’s everything you need to enjoy the real advantages of decanting wine!

Wine experts agree: pouring a bottle of red wine into a decanter before serving improves both flavor and bouquet! As you pour, the wine becomes “aerated,” which means it picks up oxygen, enhancing both its taste and aroma. In fact, whatever the price of wine, it will more closely resemble a higher-priced wine after decanting. You’ll appreciate the difference.

This complete set includes:

  • The Houdini 48 oz. Crystal Decanter: Individually hand-blown of lead-free crystalline quartz. The Decanter bottom is inset for ease of pouring. Its graceful shape adds a touch of elegance to any dining table.
  • The Wine-Shower Funnel: Creates a “shower” when you pour wine into the decanter. This allows the wine to absurd more oxygen (aeration) in a shorter time. Poured through the Wine Shower-Funnel, wine can be served immediately after decanting.
  • The Stainless Steel Sediment Strainer: Removes the sediment that red wines often develop while aging.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Aerates red wine instantly
  • Improves flavor and bouquet
  • Separates for easy cleaning
  • Hand wash
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